Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Conservatories from Envy Windows

If you live in Yorkshire and are looking for conservatory, there is no better place to get one than Envy Windows. Although experts in all kinds of windows and frames, they are also experts in building different types of conservatories. They have established a name for themselves because of the design and durability of the conservatories that they build. Once they do one for you, you can be sure that it will remain standing for a long time.

Envy Windows know that one shoe does not fit all. That is why they take the time to tailor solutions for their customers – their conservatories are bespoke. Once you hire them, they will sit with you to understand the kind of conservatory that you are looking for. If they have ideas they will put them to you for consideration. After you agree on design, they then generate a CAD drawing that shows you what the finished structure will look like. You can suggest any changes at this point. After you approve, they are able to build your conservatory in no time at all. They have various colours of roof panels that you can choose from – opel, clear, bronze or smart poly. They also have different finishes to cater to different customer tastes. Choosing a finish is easy – they have a window finish section in their website where you can choose whatever you like. If you want a particular finish but cannot find it on the website do not despair – since they do custom conservatories they can do what you want. Just let them know what kind of a finish you are looking for.

The other great thing about Envy Windows is the fact that they offer a 15 year guarantee on every conservatory that they build. Yes, 15 years. Others in the business will not offer anything more than 10 years but Envy Windows is prepared to give you such a long guarantee because they trust the quality of their work. In addition to that, they offer one annual free service on all conservatories. No one else is doing this, at least not as thoroughly as Envy Windows does it.

Your conservatory should be beautiful, functional and it should last for many years. You will be taking a risk if you get it built by anyone other than Envy Windows. You can find out more by calling them on 01924 891 881 or visiting their website,

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I need a new composite door. How do I choose the best one for my home?

As the central point of entry to your house, your front door shouldn’t just be practical and inviting, but should also be strong and secure—and still make your visitors feel welcome on their arrival. The increasingly popular uPVC doors are cheaper and have lower maintenance costs; however, they can look cheap. Glass or wood may solve the aesthetics issue but they too have their drawbacks. For instance, glass doors can be broken easily and will not provide you with adequate security against burglars. Wooden doors on the other hand, require a lot of maintenance for years—they require regular painting and varnishing to keep them resistant to weather elements and to prevent warping and rotting, all of which may necessitate replacement. So the task of choosing a new door type for your house seems to be too much, whatever decision you make.

Currently, however, there is a new door type that seems to solve all your worries; it is sturdy, durable, safe and can be aesthetically manipulated to match your preferences. These are composite doors. Composite doors consist of frames that are made of a number of various materials and designed in a way to correct all the flaws and faults of single material doors. This may sound too good to be true, but thanks to the shrewd planning and construction on the designers’ part, these versatile doors have many appealing benefits:

·         Combination of materials makes them high resistant to all major weathering-based damages such as twisting, warping, and cracking.

·         Most composite doors are injected with layers of thermal insulation (polyurethane foam core) that are 100 percent chlorofluorocarbon free. So you benefit from warm, cosy house and remain environment –conscious as well.

·         Composite doors can be ordered in a wide range of colours and designs to suit the design of your home and your local neighbourhood.

·         Outer frames are made of uPVC and can include double glazing or galvanised steel reinforcements on the edges to provide extra stability.

·         Your strong and aesthetically pleasing composite doors also provide you with an opportunity to revamp your home security as they can be fitted with standard Yale locks to prevent unnecessary break-ins.

Envy Windows are reputed window and door installers with a firm emphasis on quality, both on their products and customer service—before and after installation. They have many door and window styles to choose from and their professional and friendly staff will provide you with adept advice on choosing the right composite door for your house. Go to our website

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Benefits of Triple Glazing in Your Home

Triple glazing is so called because window panes are made of three layers as opposed to the past when window panes were made of only two layers, or double glazing. The third layer is an additional pane of glass that holds a gas cavity. Triple glazing is great when it comes to energy efficiency. That is why so many people are now choosing it for their homes. There are several reasons why you should consider installing triple glazing in your home:

•    The first and most important is that you use less energy to heat your home and therefore you pay less on heating bills. The biggest cost on your electricity bill usually goes towards heating your home. With double glazed windows, you have to use more energy because a lot of the heat that comes into the home is lost through the windows. Triple glazing is the best way to go if you want an energy efficient home. The extra layer ensures that all heat is trapped and you therefore use up less energy in the house. There is another angle to this: triple glazed windows allow gain solar heat which means that your heating bills are cut even further. The energy rating for triple glazed windows is A+.

•    You will never have cold spots around the house, something which tends to happen a lot with double glazed windows. Triple glazing allows you to keep the whole house warm, making you more comfortable.

•    Do you hate the noise from the streets? If you are like most people, the answer is yes. You can minimize it by installing triple glazing. The additional layer is excellent for noise reduction.

•    You get additional security. It is not as easy to break though triple glazed windows as it is to break through double glazing.

One of the best companies to get your triple glazed windows from is Envy Windows. They not only have the best quality windows and frames in Yorkshire, they also offer an amazing guarantee: you get 15 years. If you compare them to other window shops in the area you will find that this is a superior offer – most offer only 10 years. The 15 year guarantee is on everything – glass and frames. They also sell composite windows, composite doors, conservatories, canopies and car ports and many more products. You can find out more by calling them on 01924 891881 or visiting their website,

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Making it easy for you to choose the perfect windows

The problem with finding the perfect window is the fact that there are so many different types of houses. You really need a window company that has a wide variety of window designs available. Here are some reasons why Envy Windows’ has the variety needed to fulfil your needs no matter what they might be. 
Envy Windows doesn’t just have a wide number of different types of styles and finishes, they also have a huge amount of expertise. So regardless of whether you need double glazing or any other type of window, they have you covered. 
After all, double glazing windows are rather important when it comes to keep heat in during the winter, and cold out during the summer. But this isn’t enough by itself, it’s also important to be able to provide the right sizes, the right finishings, the right styles, and every other option for windows to make sure they correspond perfectly to what you need. 
Customer Service
Unless you happen to be a windows expert yourself, you’re probably going to need help with shopping for the perfect windows. This company is known for being friendly and making you feel welcome when you come.
They are also known for being effective at giving you advice that you need to get the purchase that you’ll be the most satisfied with. A lot of other companies struggle to help a layman when it comes to windows, but Envy Windows knows how important this is. They will make sure that you fully understand all aspects of what you’re looking for and why the suggested window is the perfect one for your house. 
In addition, Envy will do this without making you feel the slightest bit stressed out. Many other companies sometimes have a problem with being too short with companies due to a lack of proper customer service. Envy has never had a problem with his, and they are uniquely predisposed to understand how important it is to make customers feel welcome. 
They also realize just how important it is to make sure customers have a full and simple understanding of their situation. This ensures that no miscommunication occurs during the process. 
Getting Your Windows

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you visit their website at as quickly as possible. After all, the faster you get to their site and contact them, the faster they can help you find your perfect double glazed windows. You can also contact them through their phone number as well. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Composite doors - stylish, sturdy and maintenance free

There are many areas of a home that must be taken care of for it to look beautiful and be functional at the same time. When purchasing a house or updating certain areas a homeowner wants to be smart about what they choose and ensure that it will be a good investment that fits in with the overall theme of the house. One area of a home that must be purchased and is often one of the first things a guest sees is the door.

Having an attractive and appealing front door is important because it really is one of the first things a person sees. A guest coming over will want to feel welcome and see the door as something that is indeed welcoming. The homeowner also wants to feel pride about the front of the house and that the door also provides that security that they want. Composite doors have become a popular choice for people that want a durable and appealing look for their doors. There are a variety of reasons for this which will be explained further in this article.

Composite doors are highly popular because they are affordable and give a look of heavy timber. The material is durable and hard like wood but it is made of another material. This material is more affordable and yet provides the security that a homeowner would expect in the UK. They also meet the requirements set forth by the police initiative and that is something that you will want to have when you choose a front door. These doors are also virtually maintenance-free and this is quite helpful. There are different styles and colours available from Envy Windows so that it can be customized to your specifications and tastes. Windows and Doors west yorkshire can be installed by using a reputable company to give advice on what is needed for optimum security and install them with precision for the best result. Envy Windows also offers a composite door that has thermal efficiency for maximum benefit and guarantees this.

If you are interested in having Composite doors in West Yorkshire then you will want to hire a company that is known for quality and going the extra mile. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident when you choose a company to do business with when it comes to your home. If you are interested in composite door installation and customization by a reputable company like Envy Windows please visit their website at or call at your convenience 01924 891 881

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Extend your House with a Practical & Beautiful Conservatory

If you are considering adding something tasteful to your home for enjoyment there are many choices out there today. It is important to consider what you and your family would enjoy the most and how much you can afford to spend. Finding a way to add something to a house that gives pleasure and enjoyment to all is a unique decision that requires input from everyone in the household. Also, you will need to consider how much you will budget for this addition.

A smart and flattering way to extend the house is to try a Conservatory. A conservatory is a special type of home extension that truly adds variety and beauty to the home. It is added to the home to be used as a sunroom or a greenhouse. This choice would be up to you and your family’s preferences. A sunroom is a nice way to enjoy the sunlight in an enclosed area that is beautifully constructed and will allow for lovely afternoon teas or times of relaxation.

Using conservatories for a greenhouse purpose is also a delightful idea for those that enjoy growing plants in a lovely environment. The plants will thrive in the conservatory because of the availability of natural sunlight and also rain. It allows the plants to get the nourishment they need in a safe and enclosed environment. It’s also a great way to get the family involved in tending plants and using the greenhouse for that will allow for time to be spent together on this hobby.

A conservatory is especially quaint because you can have it in a variety of designs to suit your needs. There are popular Victorian designs that make the structure look beautiful and regal at the same time. They do have the design of what is known as traditional Victorian architecture. Some of the other conservatories are made of different materials that allow for a custom or unique look that will stand out as something special. The design of the conservatories will be up to what you and your family like in regards to appearance and material.

You can have your own conservatory installed by using the services of a professional installation company that knows exactly how to construct yours the way you want it on your house. If you are interested in learning more about a Wakefield Conservatory for your home please call us or visit our website at

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Free 36mm Triple Glazed Units Fitted To All Our Windows

Envy Windows is pleased to announce our offer – they will be having free 36mm triple glazed units for 1 month only. We specialise on all kinds of glass including windows for doors, conservatories, canopies and car ports. We also do replacement fascias and soffits and are proud to be the only glass business in the area that offers an exceptional guarantee. While others offer a 10 year guarantee on frames and a 5 year guarantee on glass, we are happy to give our clients a 15 year guarantee on everything. In addition to that, we offer free annual service on all windows that we install for the full 15 years.

Our range of products is wide. For windows, we offer different window styles including casement windows, tilt-turn windows, bi-fold windows, sash windows, uni-blind windows and more. We are also famous for excellent window finishes. Some of the most commonly installed finishes are white PVC windows, cream PVC windows, light oak windows, rosewood and uPVC widows. If clients cannot find the window finish of their choice on the website they can call and place a special order.

Triple glazed glass comes with several benefits. The first and most important is how much it can save homeowners in heating costs. It acts as additional insulation meaning once a home is heated there is minimum energy loss. Over time this can reduce the utility budget significantly. It also greatly improves the look of any building where it is installed. As for their other products, Envy Windows has ensured that they are 100% safe for the environment and in order to support the local economy all their products are British made. They also deal purely with products that are 100% lead free.

For customers who have double glazed windows that have misted up over time, there is no need to change them because Envy Windows has technicians that can restore them back to new. Our guarantee is that if they cannot fix them we don’t charge the client anything at all.

Those wishing to take advantage of the free triple glazed windows offer or find out more about other products at Envy Windows can call them on 01924891881 or visit their website,